Big News!!!

All About Homes is proud to announce that for the 5th consecutive year we earned the super server award from Angie's List!

If you'd like to book an inspection please call Jory at (847) 733-7705 or the main All About Homes Line at (312) 371-7414.

As always, thank you for your continued support of All About Homes!


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Thanks for your interest in All About Homes! We are committed to providing a thorough inspection with an honest and clear evaluation of the home you are considering.

Our main goal is to ensure that YOU understand the in's and out's of your new home. The home inspection is your first (and often best) opportunity to really learn about your new home. So please come along - it'll be fun!

  • We will thoroughly explain any issues that might be found during the inspection.
  • You will receive a comprehensive electronic report the day of your inspection. The report summary is clear, concise and easy for you, your agent and your attorney to use.
  • During the inspection we will show you everything we find.
  • We focus on safety issues and the proper solutions for you and your family.
  • We have lots of resources to help you solve any home related problems or questions.
  • The inspection won't conclude until all of your questions are answered.
  • You can always call us after the inspection with questions. Once a client...always a client!

A home inspection is for peace of mind. We are honest, thorough and dedicated. We strive to earn your trust so that you are confident in the decision you're making. We perform the type of inspection we'd want done on our own homes! Buying a home may be the most important (and stressful) purchase of your life - we understand and we would be honored to help you make the right decision.