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Front Loading Washing Machines

Sunday, December 13, 2009 by Administrator

Estock 013.jpgDoes the rubber ring in your front loader look like this? Does the washing machine smell like mold when you open the door? Yup...we see this all the time.

Front loaders are all the rage these days. They are great for the environment (less water and soap) and they are supposed to be better for your clothes. But...they are a bit prone to mold growth around the rubber door ring and inside the detergent container.

Here are some thoughts on prevention:

1) Be sure you are ONLY using high efficiency detergents that are meant for front loaders. DO NOT use regular detergents.

2) Leave the door open after running a load of laundry or dry out the rubber ring and detergent area. It is much better to leave the doors open if possible.

What do you do if it's too late:

Well, the rubber ring can be replaced by a manufacturer's representative. The cost is high - about $300.

Try running an empty load of laundry with CLR or Clear Green. We recommend avoiding bleach - it can actually make the problem worse (more blogging to come relating to bleach and mold growth).

But, as always, prevention is your best bet.

If you have a Maytag front loader there was a class action lawsuit relating to this issue in machines made before 2005. Here is the website. I'm told it's too late for any settlement, but it is still probably worth contacting Maytag to see what they will do for you. The website gives the manufacture dates and model numbers involved.