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Monday, December 7, 2009 by Administrator

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Actually, Mike will probably be blogging too, so...thanks for checking out OUR blog. We're planning to use this blog to show you funny, cool, interesting, eductational and weird things that we see on inspections. As you can imagine, we see some pretty interesting stuff out there. Mostly we'll use this to show you tips you can use in your own homes. For all the realtors out there, we hope some of this will help with buyers and sellers as well. So mostly we'll focus on helpful information, but sometimes we may not be able to resist something funny or scary for a few giggles. We hope you'll check back regularly for updates. Hopefully this will be lots of fun and valuable too! Oh, and we'll be adding more resources under the resources tab of the website so be sure to check there on a regular basis as well.

All our best, Michelle (and Mike)