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Before the Offer - For Buyer's Agents

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 by Administrator

Hi All!

NOW is the time to buy a home! Prices are low, interest rates are low and seller's are ready to move! So...happy home buying! Maybe this can help...

This one is mainly for realtors helping buyer's, but buyer's and seller's should check it out too. The idea is to get everybody thinking about some of the big issues that keep coming up on inspections...and then cause deals to fall apart.

Here is a new list I've put together of things to look for BEFORE an offer is made. If potentially expensive issues will be a concern for a buyer from a cash flow perspective, then these are the types of things that may make them think twice about the purchase.

There have been so many times when a realtor or even a buyer has said, "I should have noticed that. If we had, we probably wouldn't have made an offer." By the same token, seller's and their agents might want to think about these issues too...when buyer's see big problems it can often cause headaches or even the end of a deal. It's so much better to address issues upfront in disclosures or to state that items are "as-is".

By no means am I encouraging anyone to try and inspect a home one should take on that kind of liability or risk misinterpreting issues. Sometimes things look much worse than they are. I'm just encouraging folks to look beyond the aesthetics when considering a home. Sometime the big stuff is really easy to see. I hate to see folks fall in love with homes or pay for unnecessary inspections when major issues are obvious.

Another way to avoid unnecessary heartache is to send me photos of items you see while looking at homes. If you or your client are considering a property but there's one or two items that you think might be significant, take a picture and send it to me. Sometimes I can steer you in the right direction by looking at a photo or talking on the phone. I'm happy to try and help when I can. But remember, sometimes you just have to see it to know if there is a concern.  

Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading!