Testimonials from Clients and Realtors


Don't believe us...here's what some past clients and realtors have to say about All About Homes...

  • "Don't know if Buster has been in touch or not, but I wanted to extend my own thanks for the fantastic job that you did for us on the inspection at 1646. Needless to say, we were sorry to see and read about the "facts". However, we were so impressed with your knowledge, professionalism and presentation both in person and in your report. As odd as it sounds, we spent Saturday evening reading your report and laughing because reading your report was like having you with us in the room.....comfortable, easy and informative! Again many thanks." - Mary, Home Buyer

  • "I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you did with our inspection.  Based on your inspection report, we presented the seller with a (fairly lengthy) punch list of things that needed to be addressed with the unit, starting with the HVAC.  We didn't expect him to agree to everything we were asking for, but in the end he did.  So, it looks like we're still likely to end up taking the place (assuming the lawyers can work everything out).

    I really appreciate not just your thoroughness, but the way you took your time to make sure we really understood everything you found, and the great detail you put into your report.

    If Taka and I need a home inspector in the future we know where to go, and we'll definitely be recommending you to friends." - Ryan, Home Buyer

  • "Thanks so much for working with us. After you left, my client expressed how much he really enjoyed the inspection.  He complimented you on the detailed explanations in normal, everyday terms and how you truly care about the buyer and the condition of the home that he/she is buying.  He said that the last inspector just ran through the place as fast as possible in order to get paid and move on to the next one.

    I really enjoyed working with you too.  I hope that we can work together more often in the future.  I will definitely be calling you for my next buyer's home inspection." - Angela, Real Estate Professional

  • "We've been embroiled (I know... big words...) in attorney negotiations and contractor estimates since we received your inspection report, and I'm happy to report that we are satisfied that the home at 6616 will work for us at the price to which we have agreed with the seller.  We aren't out of the woods yet, as I have to complete the financing step (in this market), but I'm confident that we've learned enough to know that this house will work for us.

    I wanted to send a note of thanks, now that we've cleared the inspection process.  Stephanie and I were stunned by the amount of detail in your report, and having compared your findings with the reports my friends and colleagues have received for their own home purchases, it's clear you are truly operating at a highly competent and ethical level.

    You should also be told that we contacted several of the contractors on your website for estimates, and they all spoke very highly of you (and appreciated the referrals).  We felt that the people we spoke with from those companies were equally impressive in terms of competency and ethics, something I deeply appreciate and respect.

    I can assure you that we will keep your contact information for future inspection needs, and pass your name along to our friends and family.

    Good luck in your future endeavors, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you ever need a referral." - Sean, Home Buyer

  • "Thank you, Michelle! You did an outstanding job and we really appreciate you taking the extra time to "teach" us things we definitely would not have known if it wasn't for you. If you ever need a reference, please let us know!" - Jennifer, Home Buyer

  • "Michelle, you did a great job - more thorough and better than anyone I've used before." - Annie, Home Buyer

  • "I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing job you did yesterday and for the inspection report. I couldn't have hoped for a better assistance. You turned a very stressful moment in my life into a very pleasant learning experience. I don't have any questions at the moment, but I might ask for your advice when I'll need a contractor for the furnace in the fall. " - Francesca, Home Buyer

  • "Thank you, again, for your thorough inspection, and for taking the time to explain things to me.  The information you provided was very helpful, and I appreciate the fact that I was able to schedule an appointment with you in such a short notice. Thank you, as well, for the best wishes, and know that I would be glad to refer your services to others." - Ed, Home Buyer

  • "Thank you for the report - you are so thorough!!  When I told Derek it was a 28 page report he said - "oh, a girl after your own heart" - I appreciate the details!  This will be such a useful tool to keep and refer to in the future. We are so happy with the way you handled our inspection and I've already recommended you to a friend that is currently looking to buy.  Thanks again!!" - Maggie, Home Buyer

  • "Thank you again for the thorough inspection! Your document provides us a fantastic education - both on the integrity of the property today - but also what to look for and how to care for the property over the coming years." - Shamik, Home Buyer

  • "Thanks again for your great services!! We especially appreciated the "no-nonsense", candid, and direct (plain-English) manner you ensured we were comfortable with the inspection process and understood fully your findings/evaluations. It is very easy for us to understand why you are considered among the best and most favorite." - Rendell, Home Buyer

  • "Thanks, Michelle. You were great -- I'll try to refer people to you every chance I get." - Ted, Home Buyer

  • "I just wanted to tell you that the laundry room moisture issue was a bit of a struggle, but the owners finally decided to address the issue themselves and did indeed find a leaking pipe in the building. It is great to know that the source of the moisture was actually identified and that the issue will most likely be resolved before we take possession. We've purchased a few homes over the years, and this is the first time I felt that the inspection was worthwhile. It actually saved us a few bucks, too. Thanks for your diligent work." - Marybeth, Home Buyer

  • "It was really great to see you again! Beyond that I want to thank you for being beyond exceptional at your job. Your work makes me look good and I really appreciate that." -Diana, Real Estate Professional

  • "Just adding my thanks, Michelle. If I haven't mentioned it before, you totally have our vote for best home inspector ever." - Kristine, Home Buyer

  • "Thank you very much for the report and inspection. I appreciated you taking the time to provide me with pointers on everything from using the fireplace, to caring for the granite, to operating the furnace. It was very helpful and made me feel more comfortable about becoming a first-time homeowner. I'll definitely refer your services to anyone in need of a home inspection." - Amanda, Home Buyer

  • "I've read through the report. Thank you very much for your time. I learned a lot from you on keeping systems in good order throughout the seasons. As I said, I've never owned, or operated a garbage disposal, or an air conditioner. This condo. is more luxurious and well appointed than any place we have ever lived in. We are very excited about this home, and we will insist that the developer implement your recommendations." - Rick, Home Buyer

  • "Michelle is reliable and easy to work with. She has helped dozens of our clients through the inspection process. Her inspections are thorough and valuable. The information she passes along to our clients is always useful and to the point." Chuck Saponaro, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker - Lakeview Office

  • "We were very pleased with Michelle's professionalism and attention to detail. She helped us through the process of the inspection by clearly explaining the issues that she raised. She showed a genuine interest in making sure that the home we purchased was in excellent condition and safe for our children. We highly recommend her." Jessica and David, Home Buyers

  • "Thank you once again for the excellent inspection and service. It is always wonderful to meet and work with people with such professionalism and competence. I will most likely retain your services again once the furnace/AC has been serviced to make sure that the temperature issue has been resolved" Mike, Home Buyer

  • "Michelle-It was nice to meet you. I'll be sure to keep you in mind for future clients. I like working with someone who isn't afraid to be thorough. (I'd rather have a client break a deal because of a bad home inspection rather than buy a home that won't make them happy.) And also, I think it takes the right person to advise first time buyers. You really did a great job in that regard." Laura, Real Estate Professional

  • "Michelle's inspection was an essential part of my first home-buying experience. She was thorough, professional, and found things that I never would have picked up on. The cost of the inspection was minimal when I consider the sense of security her expertise brought and the money saved by catching necessary repairs before I moved into my new home." Erin, Home Buyer

  • "I appreciate your doing a good job and helping out my clients. You're always very professional and thorough and I feel you explain things well to people and will continue to recommend you to my clients. You're also always a pleasure to be around." Dave, Real Estate Professional

  • "It was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for the insight and inspection. Your thoroughness and expertise was assuring. We will be sure to refer you to anyone in need of an inspection." Darrell-Home Buyer

  • "We have already recommended you to our mortgage person and our friends in real estate. You were a pleasure to work with!!!" Carla and Brad, Home Buyers

  • "Thanks for the prompt response. I, too, felt privileged to have you do the inspection for me. I look forward to many more inspections using your expertise." Roz, Home Buyer

  • "Thanks for doing a thorough inspection for Kevin and Wendy. The closing went well and the attorney wrote up the inspection items in a summary." Sonja, Real Estate Professional

  • "Thank you for letting me tag along. I'm always interested in learning whatever I can. You were a pleasure to follow. Thanks for doing a good job." Rich, Home Buyer

  • "It was a pleasure to meet with you today. I was happy to see that you take time and do a very thorough inspection. I will definitely use you for future deals" Sharon, Real Estate Professional

  • "Thank you for doing that wonderful and very thorough inspection! You did and excellent job! Also for doing it on such short notice!" Susan, Home Buyer

  • "You did a super job! Thanks for your help." Marianne, Home Buyer